What Barbie & Ken can teach you about your Instagram marketing strategy

Jul 24, 2023

Hey Hey, Sister Girl! Let’s talk about how Barbie and Ken (shout out to Mattel’s Marketing team) are taking over the internet.  The fabulous world of Barbie and Ken to uncover some mind-blowing lessons for our Instagram marketing game. This is gonna be epic!





“Come on Barbie, Let’s Go Party…”

First, let's talk business! Just like Barbie's marketing team, flexibility is key. Adapting to our audience's ever-changing needs is essential for our success.

We also need to give props to Barbie's marketing team, they deserve a raise. With their extensive market research and knowledge of their target audience, they nailed it. It's time to take notes, 'cause we can learn a lot from them, right?

There is nothing like Barbie's collaborations! Have you seen those brilliant insurance ads? Geico, Liberty Mutual, Progressive – they know how to grab our attention. I once asked Scott why insurance companies have the best commercials, and his answer was they have the money to create them.

Barbie is a great way to illustrate the benefits of our own offers. We learn adaptability, customer focus, storytelling, inclusivity, and consistency from her marketing lessons. We are always growing and expanding every day so our marketing should keep up with the times.

Let me spill the beans on three juicy post ideas that'll get everyone talking about Barbie. Guess what? Barbie's marketing campaign goes far beyond movie releases. Like pros, we can surf that summer wave and ride the current cultural trends.

Who said marketing strategies were just for big companies? There's no reason small businesses can't rock them too. Let's use these traditional marketing techniques to make our entrepreneurial efforts soar!

Just like Barbie, stay true to yourself. Her brand identity is on point while staying true to her core values. Let's work some Instagram magic together, sister girl, by channeling the power of Barbie and Ken. We're here for the party

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